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iOS Applications


Apple iOS application for survey data collection.
(Available on the Apple App Store)

R Packages


Provides tools for designing, conducting, and analyzing randomized experiments.
(Available as a CRAN package)


Provides mailmerge methods for reading spreadsheets of addresses and other relevant information, creating standardized but customizable letters, and mapping the locations of recipients. Provides a method for parsing and processing html code from online job postings of the American Political Science Association.
(See here for more information.)
(Available as a CRAN package)


Ecological Inference and Higher-Dimension Data Management. With Olivia Lau and Mike Kellermann. Implements method of bounds, ecological regression, RxC ecologial inference, and an array of methods to deal with higher-dimension data, such as simulations from EI tables.
(Available as a CRAN package)

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